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The tradition of growing Fuentes de Ebro Onions in this area dates back to the 11th century. Since then, the knowledge related to its cultivation was transmitted from generation to generation, taking into account the manual practices during the harvest, essential due to the delicacy of this onion, but improving both the cultivation techniques and their conservation and presentation in points of sale . Since the end of the 20th century, the producers of Onion Fuentes de Ebro, in collaboration with institutions and research centers, have focused their efforts on achieving the recognition of the uniqueness and differentiated quality of a single onion with the highest protection figure: Protected Designation of Origin.

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Present Day

The Designation of Origin Protected Fuentes de Ebro Onions was created at the end of 2010 and registered in the Registry of Designations of Origin of the European Commission in 2013. It is the only one Onion in Spain that enjoys the seal of quality of Designation of Origin.

The aim of the PDO is to contribute to the defense of the quality of Fuentes de Ebro Onions that is grown in six defined areas around Fuentes de de Ebro, providing information to the consumer and protecting this region against possible unfair competition from other imitation Onions.


Fuentes de Ebro Onions are characterized by having an external white-straw color, white inner layers and its tender, crunchy and very juicy texture, due to its high water content, but mainly stands out for being a soft, digestive Onion of little itching and absence or slight aftertaste in the mouth. Among others of its virtues, it stands out in the kitchen, for being exceptional to add in salads and for caramelizing without adding sugar for its natural sweetness; This makes it one of the favorite vegetables for consumers and chefs, as well as being ideal for children to consume. The label with the Protected Designation of Origin logo guarantees that you are consuming the authentic Fuentes de Ebro Onion, produced in the defined geographical area and that it meets the highest quality parameters, passing strict controls both in the field and with distributors. Different types of labels can be identified, either on each Onion or on the packages.


Fuentes de Ebro Onions with PDO is one of the few vegetables that still maintains its seasonal nature. It is important that during these months the consumer identifies the labels with the Designation of Origin logo at the points of sale to ensure that he is consuming the authentic Fuentes de Ebro Onions.

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